5 Tips to Help You Plan for a Great Holiday Event


The holidays are just a few weeks away from now and there are many people who are planning and host event management in the jolly new season.

You can certainly plan for a party, however, to make it more memorable, you have to hire an event planner who has a pretty solid track record of creating amazing holiday events.

That being said, if you did hire one, here are some things that you can tell them to do for you so that your next event is going to be a fun and enjoyable one;

1. Have a Variety of Options

You have to understand that people have their own preferences, especially when it comes to the food that they eat and the beverages they want to drink.

Tell your event planner to have a variety of options for your guests to choose from. You could have some alcohol as well, but also make it a point to include some hot cocoa, some soda, or even just plain water.

For the foods, take the extra step to ask your attendees if they are allergic to something. If there are only a handful of people who are, say, allergic to seafood, you can still serve some seafood dishes, but you also have to provide those who are aversive to such foods an option to eat other forms of meat as well.

2. Have a Central Theme and Follow It

If you’re going to host a holiday event, you have to have a central theme. For instance, you could have a Christmas-themed party where the decorations and other aesthetics match the motif perfectly.

You can also ask your attendees to wear suitable costumes as well. Having a central theme is crucial so that you, your planner, and your guests are all on the same page.

3. Take Care of the Entertainment

There is always going to be some music playing on the background on any event, so make sure to have that covered as well.

You could either hire a DJ or a band to provide the necessary music your guests deserve. When looking for performers or artists, do not just go for the cheapest ones.

Hire the best ones with a proven track record. They might cost more, but at least, you’re
assured of some quality entertainment.

4. Set Some Fun Activities

Holiday events are always centered around having fun. Therefore, make it a point to set some fun activities for the kids and also for the young at heart as well.

You could make a snowman-making contest, trip to Jerusalem, or some other activities that can provide fun and enjoyment.

5. Lighting is Very Important

Tell the event planner to make use of the lighting in a way that enhances the mood you want to set. For holiday events, you want the ambiance to evoke happiness, so use some light and warm colors such as orange and yellow, for example.

You can just tell your planner about this and his or her team will do the rest. Just be
specific about your needs.