Top Interior Designer Tips

  • Soothe yourself.

In order to imbibe serenity in your bedroom design, utilize a tone-on-tone color palette of a restful green or blue. You can make this even more dynamic by utilizing a vast range of textures. Creams and whites are also soothing, but to make the design even more interesting, you can use a lot of different textures. 

  • Use sunrooms.

Sunrooms represent the feeling of openness in interior design. Using glass in this type of design is a great  since it brilliantly sparkles in the light. Do you want to renovate your home to add sunrooms in its design? There are plenty of reputable architecture firms that can surely help you out. 

  • Decorate your rooms with masks.

Maps are essential home decorations and accessories that can positively make an impact on your design. Regional maps can personalize every interior. Utilize them as an art, or as whole-wall coverings. 

  • Make your room look bigger.

Expand your horizons, and embrace infinity. To make any personal space feel bigger, use round rugs on the floors. Circle represents infinity, and this round rug is an effective visual element that can bring the “no boundaries” idea up. 

  • Use both patterned and unpatterned wallpapers. 

Utilize patterned wallpapers to strengthen the rooms, as well as unpatterned papers to soften spaces. Several people love using floral patterns, from creeping branches to blossom designs. A patterned wallpaper is just a basic design element, but it can enliven your personal space, and set an interesting decorative direction.