What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a digital sales technique used by product owners to increase their sales. In this process, they allow other people to sell the items for them, and target the same audience in order to earn commissions.

While many product owners make less money every sale because they should pay a certain amount to the affiliate, this allows them to reach potential customers they can’t reach on their own.

Are you an affiliate marketing newbie? Then, before taking any major step regarding this, it’s best to go through an affiliate marketing strategy guide first. It’s true that affiliates can earn big commissions on one-time purchases or membership programs, but you still need to strategize well.

How to become a successful affiliate marketer?

Digital marketers can become affiliates in various ways including:

  • Searching for items online which are relevant to the digital marketer’s website, and will appeal to target customers. Many companies offering affiliate programs show that through a partners or affiliates link at the bottom of the home page.
  • Looking for potential items at affiliate program managers including, ShareASale, Clickbank and Commission Junction.
  • Signing up to become an affiliate on ecommerce platforms. For instance, Shopify has good affiliate programs that let digital marketers earn big commissions on new customers.
  • Surveying existing customers in order to learn about their favorite items, and then contacting them to inquire about affiliate programs. For example, an inexperienced business marketing consultant can become an affiliate marketer for email list management.

How does the entire affiliate marketing process work?

After you get accepted in an affiliate program, you will get a unique URL with an affiliate ID. You can share that URL with your subscribers, social networks and website visitors through ads or links.

When a person clicks on that link, the affiliate software records it, and the resulting product sales in your affiliate account. The affiliate is paid once the pre-determined threshold is earned.